Sharing the Road Requires Drivers to Focus

It's a priority for us at A. J. Dohmann Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to make sure our customers are staying informed about everything from the latest safety features in a certain vehicle to tips to avoiding bicyclists on the road. It's not about driving like a madperson but taking it slow.

Don't drive through stop signs or drive well above the speed limit but be aware of your surroundings by taking it slow. Distracted driving is never a good thing, so save text messages and email conversations for when you aren't operating a motor vehicle. Remember that a bicyclist is just as entitled to an entire lane as you are while you cruise through the streets of Plaquemine, LA.

Sometimes trading in your used car for an upgrade can make a greater difference in driving performance. Take a test drive from one of the many vehicles from our showroom that are loaded with safety features. The open road has many pockets to see.

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